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What Is Coroplast Or Corrugated Plastic Sheet

What is coroplast or corrugated plastic sheet?

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Corrugated plastic sheet, also known as fluted polypropylene or flute board, is a lightweight yet robust plastic substrate that is widely used in the signs printing industry and the returnable packaging field. The corrugated plastic sheet is an extruded hollow profile, it has numerous vertical ribs running between the two flat external layers, owing to its stable characteristics, this material has a much longer lifespan in an outdoor environment.

What is Coroplast?

The name Coroplast is a trademark of corrugated plastic created by Coroplast, Inc. Most people in North America use that name for corrugated plastic sheets, we will use the name corrugated plastic instead to focus on the properties and applications of this kind of plastic rather than the trademark.

Corrugated plastic is mainly produced from polypropylene, some are from polyethylene, a plastic that can resist chemicals, UV light, oils, solvents, and water. However, this plastic can withstand outdoor bad weather conditions and is corrosion-resistant making it perfect for a variety of outdoor applications.

Benefits of Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is lightweight but strong because of its structure making it ideal for many manufacturing and industrial applications. This material also can be manufactured in many colors to match customer preferences.

  • Multiple usages: Corrugated plastic sheets can be used in many scenarios, usually, it’s used for making reusable and returnable packages, partitions, divider sheets, layer pads, sleeves, totes, and boxes, as well as promotion signs, campaign signs, election signs, site signs, lawn signs, and real estate signs.

  • Lightweight yet durable: Owing to its hollow profile structure and polypropylene characteristics, the corrugated plastic sheet is a very lightweight and meanwhile very durable material. It is easy to cut, convert, assemble, transport, and store, compared to cardboard, corrugated plastic products can be used for a long time.

  • Waterproof: Designed to withstand different environmental conditions, corrugated plastic is one hundred percent waterproof. It can be used in many scenarios, such as vegetable packing boxes, plastic containers in cool houses, waterproofing substrates in the construction industry, shrimp boxes, fish boxes, pallet layer dividers for glass bottle transportation, etc.

  • Cost-effective: Corrugated plastic is a very cheap material, and its price is flexible, we can produce and supply corrugated plastic products within your budget, even if it does become broken, replacing it won’t cost much.

  • Non-toxic: Produced from PP or PE, corrugated plastic is one hundred percent non-toxic to the environment, humans, or animals. Corrugated plastic can withstand both low and high temperatures and won’t release harmful substances.

  • Reusable: Unlike easily torn cardboard, corrugated plastic is very strong and durable, you can use it again and again.

Corrugated Plastic Applications

  • Advertising & Promotion: Indoor signage printing, and outdoor signage printing, such as real estate signs, garage signs, promotion signs, election signs, campaign signs, fencing signs, lawn signs, building site signs, warning signs, etc.

  • Packaging & Storage: Common packaging boxes, like corn boxes, okra boxes, cauliflower boxes, ginger boxes, flower boxes, returnable boxes, and special packaging boxes, like shrimp boxes, fish boxes, oyster boxes, mail totes, storage boxes, etc.

  • Automotive: General packaging material for auto parts, such as auto parts partitions, dividers, dunnages, containers, pallet boxes, etc.

  • Transportation: Normally used for making protection panels, pallet dividers, pallet layer pads, foldable large containers, etc.

  • Construction: Mostly used as wall and floor temporary protective sheets and waterproofing substrates in the building and construction industry.

  • Home & Office: Used for making recyclable collectors, recycle bins and storage boxes.


Corrugated plastic is an affordable solution for your marketing, packaging, automotive, industrial, construction, or home & office usages. If you need any pieces, boxes, bins, signs, or any custom-made products. We’ll be more than happy to help you, please contact us for a FREE quote!

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